The Texas Instruments HX-1000 Printer/Plotter Photos

A neat little device, released in 1983 to support Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40 (CC-40).  The HX-1000 Printer/Plotter attached to the CC-40 with a Hexbus cable and had a passthrough for additional Hexbus devices.  The unit utilized an ALPS DPG1302 Print Head assembly.  It and other ALPS variants were also utilized by many other brands of printers and plotters of the time.  The HX-1000 used four pens and regular calculator paper.  Its undoing is a small plastic gear that seems to crack and cause 1) The print head to stop moving, or 2) The paper to stop advancing.


These are various pictures of the innards of a HX-1000, including pictures of the box, the famed gears that break, the ALPS DPG1302 Print Head assembly, and the special pens that the unit used.

Trivia:  Other printer plotters that use variants of the ALPS DPG1302 plotter mechanism include the:

Commodore 1520            Tandy CGP-115            Sharp CE-150            Atari 1020            Mattel Aquarius 4615