Cartridge Board and Hardware Project Pictures - Click on each picture for more information!


16K Cartridge Board Rev 02A - This is it - the ExpressPCB file for the below bank switched cart.  To build it you will also need:

  1. 1.28-pin .600 Socket

  2. 2.74LS379 Logic chip

  3. 3.68 ohm resistor

  4. 4.22pf capacitor

  5. 5.1nf capacitor

  6. 6.A 27(C)64 or 27(C)128 EPROM

64K Cartridge Board Rev 03c - This is the extended version that supports up to a 64K bank switched EPROM.  In the zip file are the ExpressPCB file as well as the Gerber files used to construct the board. To build it you will also need the above parts, plus:

  1. 1.Four 0.254mm jumper terminal headers

  2. 2.Two 0.254mm jumpers

  3. 3.A 27(C)64 (8K), 27(C)128 (16K), 27(C)256 (32K), or 27(C)512 (64K) EPROM